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[VIDEO] Social Media Tips for Roofers - Episode 1

Planning to take on social media for your business

Last week we launched the first of our series of social media tips for roofers, and we’re happy to share the video transcript with you right here on the IKO Roofing blog!

While these tips are intended to help roofers and roofing contractors delve into the world of social media for business, the tips herein can easily be applied to any business practice.

The transcript follows below the video. Thanks for watching.

Hi, I’m Brad Dicks, social media manager for IKO industries, and welcome to our 10-part series of social media tips for roofers on IKO TV.

Many of our Shield and Shield Pro Plus contractors have expressed not only interest in bringing their businesses to the social media and digital environment, but also the hesitation that comes with navigating new and unfamiliar territory.

In this video series, we’ll be covering some of our best recommendations for making your business social media savvy.

Like any good business practice, you need to start the social media process with a plan.

The key to success with your social media plan is consistency, more than volume. It is far more effective to post once per week, every week, than to post four or five times a week, then not again for months at a time.

To support this plan and develop your content in advance, take a desk blotter, wall calendar, digital calendar, or whatever you have at your disposal, and plug in that content you will be sharing on what days. It could be a featured image on Monday and a featured roofing product on a Thursday. It could be a weekly blog.

You can certainly post more than that if you want to and have the time, but it’s most important that you hit those checkpoint days defined in your social media calendar as part of that all-important planning process.

Thanks for tuning into our Social Media Tips for Roofers video series on IKO-TV.
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I’m Brad wishing you the best of luck, from all of us at IKO.

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