Blueprint for Roofing videos:

Play the program modules through completely.

Play them a second time and compare the information with the roof installation instructions printed on the bundle wrappers and information available through our website.

Application Instructions

View and Print our Application Instructions per product

Roof Anatomy - Components of a House's Roof

How to Measure the Roofing Materials Needed

Shingle Accessories – Residential Roofing Systems

Shingle Roofing Tools Needed for Installation

Roof Shingle Jobsite Safety Tips

How to Tear Off Roof Shingles & Prepare the Deck for Shingle Installation

How to install Drip Edges, Eave Protection & Underlayment

How to Shingle a Roof Valley

How to Install Starter Shingles

How to Install Starter Shingles with IKO EdgeSeal

IKO Performance Shingles Installation Instructions

IKO Armourshake Installation Instructions

IKO Royal Estate Installation Instructions

IKO Crowne Slate Installation Instructions

Low Slope – Roof-Fast Application – Part 10

Roof Vent Installation

How to Install Roof Flashing

How to Install Hip & Ridge Shingles

Inspection and Clean Up

Roof Care and Maintenance – Part 15

IKO Shingle Portfolio

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