The lower edge of any roof is one of the most critical areas for overall roof performance and wind resistance.

To get the best performance from your IKO roof, and to ensure your roof system is installed in compliance with one of the requirements for the high wind resistance limited warranty protection, start your roof installation with one of IKO’s premium roof starters. Installed below the first row of shingles, and along roof rake edges, roof starters literally get your roof started in the right direction.

Armour StarterTM

If you have selected IKO’s ArmourshakeTM shingles for your roof, you will need to use IKO Armour Starter. Used in conjunction with our standard Leading Edge PlusTM starter, Armour Starter provides extra thickness and protection between the shingle tabs of the first course of Armourshake, ensuring a beautiful roof appearance from bottom to top.


IKO EdgeSeal roof starter is highly recommended to help prevent wind uplift and blow-off in the critical areas where shingles are most vulnerable – the roof perimeter along the eaves and rakes.

Peel the no-stick release film and stick down the IKO EdgeSeal to bond the drip-edge, ice and water membrane and first course of shingles to create a unified barrier against Mother Nature. IKO EdgeSeal comes in 67 foot rolls, to go down easy and fast!

Watch the below video for information on Roof Starter shingles.

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