NOTE:  The information in this section will help explain some warranty terms and conditions. It does not replace or modify the actual written limited warranty, and any potential variances in information presented shall be decided in favor of the written limited warranty.

It is imperative for a well-informed homeowner to retain a copy of the manufacturer’s limited warranty statement, which applies to the specific shingle product which was purchased and installed, as well as a copy of their contractor agreement. Please read the warranty statement carefully to avoid potential misunderstandings, which may occur in the event of a problem with the shingles. The warranty statement will typically spell out the length of the warranty, how claims are to be handled, limitations, exclusions, etc.


Although this is clearly stated for a certain number of years (25, 30, etc.), or a limited lifetime material warranty in the case of products such as the IKO Crowne Slate, Dynasty with Armourzone, Cambridge, Nordic, Royal Estate and Armourshake shingle, it is important to observe how claims are determined late in the warranty period. Usually, there is a period of full coverage, which includes labor for re-installation (often called the “Protection Period”). This is followed by replacement coverage for the cost of the shingles only, which is usually governed by one or more prorating factors based upon how long the shingles have been installed, and the number of years remaining on the limited material warranty.

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Protection Period

For a specific number of years at the beginning of the warranty period, if defects are found in the shingles resulting in leaks as a result of the manufacturing process, and the homeowner is within the allotted Protection Period, the manufacturer will replace the roofing material (shingles) and pay reasonable labor costs, exclusive of tear-offs. After the Protection Period, the liability of the manufacturer is generally limited to providing a prorated cost of the original shingles.

Limited Transferability

As of November 1994, subject to certain conditions and limited to specified time periods, IKO allows certain provisions of its Asphalt Shingle Limited Warranty to be transferred by the original owner to the next property owner for specified limited periods of time. It is important that the homeowner and the prospective home buyer understand the limitations, and the conditions, procedures and requirements necessary to effect this limited transfer. Please make sure you review the Asphalt Shingle Limited Warranty.

Please understand that no one, including the contractor or an IKO representative, can modify or amend the written limited warranty that accompanies the shingles – the limited warranty is not negotiable.

Limited Warranties

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What do you do if you have a problem?

If a problem arises with your roof and you believe it may be covered under the limited warranty, we ask that you take the following steps:

  1. If your problem is catastrophic in nature and endangers your home, such as severe or acute leaks, severe hail damage, or blow-offs, do not delay in taking immediate steps to protect your home. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to take
    and / or initiate corrective action in the event of any potentially damaging roof problem, since manufacturer’s warranties specifically exclude incidental or consequential damages. In the absence of an emergency which endangers your home unless immediate steps are taken, the IKO Limited Warranty will not provide coverage unless the repairs or replacements are authorized in writing by IKO.
  2. If your roof is damaged by causes which are obviously not warranty related, such as weather related damage (hail damage, blow-offs, etc.), take immediate actions to protect your home from further damage, then contact your insurance agent.
  3. If your concern pertains to the installation, you should contact the contractor immediately. If you’re uncertain, it might be wise to contact the contractor in any event; he can evaluate the problem and help determine probable cause.
  4. If the cause of the problem is seriously in question, the homeowner may wish to pay to have a certified independent building inspector investigate it.
  5. If the problem pertains to the shingles themselves, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact the manufacturer. Typically, you will receive a request for information containing forms and other information regarding warranty claims. In the case of IKO’s limited warranties, instructions are also contained within the warranty statement itself.


When Filing A Warranty Claim, Here Are Some Important Tips

  • Proof of purchase, which must identify the following: that the shingles are IKO shingles, the type of IKO shingle, the quantity of IKO shingles, and the date the IKO roof shingles were purchased.
  • Act in a timely manner; do not delay your claim. (IKO asks that you notify us within 30 days of discovery of an alleged concern with the shingles.)
  • Fill out all requested forms completely and provide all requested information, including photographs and shingle samples, with your claim.

Warranty Claim Forms for US
Warranty Claim Forms for Canada

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