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Minimum Slope For a Shingle Roof

Asphalt shingles continue to be the most widely installed roof covering option in North America. They provide excellent weather resistance, great value and, now more than ever, a tremendous range of beautiful designs and color blends.

Roofing Industry Trends

Some things never change, right? Like roofing shingles. After all, they’re still made with asphalt and surfaced with granules just as they have been for many decades. Installers still overlap them and nail them to a wooden roof deck.

Guide to Roofing Products

You have many more options in roofing products than you think. Here are some tips on choosing the best roof, and how to get the best value, from the pros at IKO Roofing.

How To Install A Roof Vent

Your new roof may need more ventilation than you had before. Get the full story here.

How to Shingle a Roof

Learn the basics of installing an asphalt shingle roof, courtesy of IKO.

Nail Gun Safety Tips For Roofers

As a residential roofer, one of your top tools will be a roofing nail gun (often called a “roofing nailer”). It will help you fasten shingles or other roofing materials, such as underlayments, quickly and efficiently.

Asphalt Roof Shingle Exposure

The correct roof shingle exposure for 3-Tab and laminate shingles.

How To Install Architectural Shingles In A Valley

A roof valley is formed where two roof slopes meet. Water collects in a valley to flow off the roof. Your choice of valley installation method is critical because, when improperly installed, valleys are risks for serious leaks.

How to Properly Stack Shingles on a Roof

To save time, most roofers prefer to stack several shingle bundles on the roof before beginning to install them.

IKO Shingle Dimensions

Compare the sizes and advantages of every asphalt roofing shingle IKO produces

How To Remove Asphalt Shingles

The essential process you’ll follow to tear shingles off a roof is listed below, with a detailed explanation of each step.

How to Replace Missing Shingles

Simple instructions to remove and replace asphalt shingles on your roof.

Proper Attic Ventilation Installation

The installation of roof vents is a crucial part of roof design because it allows for proper attic ventilation, which may help prevent condensation and early aging of your roofing materials.

How to Install Roof Shingles on a Dormer

A dormer is the part of a roof that projects out vertically from the rest of the roof. Most dormers have windows, although false dormers may not have functional windows. Architects frequently add dormers to roofs to add beauty and architectural style. Dormers also add space and light to the inside of the home.

How to Determine if a Roof Deck has Wood Rot and How to Replace Roof Sheathing

Roof decking or sheathing refers to the thin boards of wood that span the trusses and support the rest of the roof. If your roof decking gets wet, it can develop wood rot and impact the performance of your whole roof.

How to Use a Roof Safety Harness

A safety harness is a roofer’s best friend. Choosing the correct fall protection harness and using it properly will protect you from falls and serious injuries when used correctly.

Why is a Roof Cricket Recommended for Chimneys?

Chimneys are a vulnerable area of the roof, as they run through the whole roof into the living space below. It takes careful flashing to properly protect a chimney, including a roof cricket or roof saddle.

Roof Ice Dam Removal

Ice tends to collect on some roofs near the edges. While you can, and should, address the underlying cause of the ice dam, you should also seek to remove the current dam from the roof. Otherwise, it may wear on the roof and increase your likelihood of developing a leak.

When and How To Replace or Repair Damaged Roof Fascia Board

The fascia board is the long wooden board behind the gutters on a house. It connects to the roof rafters, closes off the attic and serves as the mount for gutters.

A Guide to the Types of Roofing Nails

Roofing nails are cleverly designed to help you do a better job. Though they vary greatly in material, size and type, all roofing nails share one helpful characteristic: a diamond‐shaped point. This point is expertly designed to keep the decking intact when it punctures through.

Tips for Locating Hard-to-Find Roof Leaks

To fix a roof leak, you have to find its source. Unfortunately, finding the roof leak is not always as straightforward as you may imagine. If you have water dripping from your ceiling, the source of the leak may be directly above the water, or it may be several feet away.

The Complete Roofer License Resource

Before you start your own roofing business or seek to join one as an employee, you will need to discover the roofer licensing requirements in your state, province or territory. Use this guide to discover what you’ll need and which organizations you’ll need to contact to get started. We will also link to national or regional associations that can give you more location-specific information.

A Day in the Life of a Roofer: What Is It Like To Be a Roofer?

If you’re considering applying for a job opening at a roofing company or maybe dreaming of starting your own roofing company one day, you may want to know what your everyday life will look like. What skills should you cultivate? What do you need to know to be prepared for the job?

What are Hurricane Ties and How Do You Install Them?

Hurricane ties are also called hurricane clips and hurricane straps. They are metal connectors with holes for fasteners, such as nails or screws. Roofers use hurricane ties to reinforce the connection between the roof truss and the wall plate.

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